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Case Study:
Simba Sleep

Simba Sleep’s mission was to become the most 5* reviewed mattress brand in the world.

Thanks to Strategy Hand’s Lewis Daniels et al, formerly of Simba Sleep and his team of reviews experts, that dream has turned into reality just over 3 years from launching and within 1 year of a dedicated focus on reviews.

Their original ambition was to enable the perfect night’s sleep by creating a mattress engineered for sleep.

Simba have grown into a business with over £100 million annual sales in 2020 alone and it’s widely recognised that reviews and especially credible and highly rated ones, will undoubtedly help in online conversion.

Right now, Simba now have over 120,000 unique 5* reviews. Alongside a stellar product range, this was helped along by the team behind Strategy Hand working hand in hand with the team whilst at Simba to ensure the strategy and the daily management was working to achieve the greater goal.

“What I like about Strategy Hand is that they understand exactly our every move, even now. There’s always a collaborative partnership between Lewis and the team and any prospective clients. We’re working close together on common objectives and we’ve nailed this recent one with the help of Lewis and the team.”

Strategy Hand provides flexible agency on and off-site customer support for high-growth brands through a distributed team of agents and managers, delivering high-quality responses, 24/7, using reviews, email, chat, social media and voice. Companies with highly specialised and variant support volumes work with Strategy Hand to deliver outstanding customer support through a mixture of approaches.

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